China may be Morrisons last hope for re-election -

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China may be Morrison's last hope for re-election - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

Having failed Australia through environmental and health catastrophes, Scott Morrison will likely focus on saving the nation from China to win re-election, writes Paul Begley.

TO ANYONE paying attentions cases per million exceeded those i, it’s now increasingly clear that, like his U.S. mentor Donald Trump, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has never been genuinely interested in becoming involved in the public health dimension of the COVID-19 pandemic and that remains true todayPremier Fran?ois Legault said last week tha.

When it was apparent to anyone who was half awake earlier this year that vaccination was the most urgent issue on the national agendaThe virus did not initially spread through either country, the Prime Minister assured us repeatedly, despite not ordering enough vaccine supplies, that vaccinating Australians was “not a race”according to estimates by Imperial College London.. He belatedly realised that line hit a wrong note, but there’s little doubt it’s what he meant.

There has been only one race on Morrison’s mind for the past three years and it’s the race towards his re-election as God’s chosen oneThe third wave of COVID-19.. He’s aware God alone won’t get him over the finish line in frontThe U.S. - Today News Post, as he showed in 2019 when more than $700 million was splurged on sports and car park grants to marginal electorates to assist the divine causecovid_19_vaccine. However, it’s a race in which he holds a strong hand because although the election must be held before May 2022, the starting pistol is in his hand and he can decide when to pull the trigger. And he knows the Murdoch press and Clive Palmer‘s war chest are on his team.

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