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In the medium term of Beijing, even the plastic increased its position in large quantities and closed up slightly.

on July 24, dragged down by the two consecutive days' decline of crude oil last night, even the plastic jumped short and opened low in the morning, showing both gains and losses in the end. The main contract l0809 was opened at 13700 points. After the market opened, driven by Xinduo buying, the futures price fluctuated and rose, reaching 13975 points at the highest and 13660 points at the lowest. The final market closed up 50 points at 13920 points, encouraging the reuse and recycling of these products. The volume of transactions increased to 31428 hands, and the number of positions increased by 1406 to 15336 hands

in the spot market, Zhongsu ju1 The market price of automatic shutdown ethylene is mainly stable, and some are slightly reduced. As the downstream factories are not very active in receiving goods, they mainly wait and see, and the transaction atmosphere is general. Affected by the sharp drop in oil prices, traders' mentality is generally poor, they actively ship goods and are not optimistic about the future market. At present, the mainstream price of LLDPE market is RMB per ton. Among them, the confidence of traders in North China LLDPE market fell to the bottom, there was little transaction in the market, and the price continued to decline. Traders in East China LLDPE market were in a low mood, with no improvement in transactions, and prices continued to decline. In the South China LLDPE market, Sinopec Guangzhou lowered the ex factory price today. The traders' mentality was poor, the quotation was chaotic, and the price fell sharply

in the warehouse receipt market, the LLDPE warehouse receipt in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market jumped sharply and opened low due to the fall of international crude oil to around us $124 last night, and the end of the market closed up. The main warehouse receipt ll0809 opened low at 13700 points in the morning, with a maximum of 14030 points, which was a range shock. The final market closed up 1 point higher than yesterday's settlement price, at 13942 points, with 239 transactions and 609 positions. The LLDPE warehouse receipts of Jinyin Island warehouse receipt market opened low and fluctuated, and the whole market closed down in the end. The main warehouse receipt ll0809 opened at 13900 points, with a maximum of 13950 points and a minimum of 13750 points. In the end, it fell 46 points to 13890 points, with 521 transactions and 863 positions

in the upstream market, the new September crude oil futures settlement price in New York closed down by US $3.98 to US $124.44 per barrel, and September Brent crude oil futures in London closed down by US $4.26 or 3.29% to US $125.29 per barrel. In terms of ethylene, the latest closing of Asian ethylene was stable. CF will benefit from the technical and engineering synergy of Volvo cars' five part seats and the resulting significant economies of scope. R Northeast Asia reported US dollars/ton and CFR Southeast Asia reported US dollars/ton

international crude oil fell to around us $124. Spot LLDPE is not very active in receiving goods from downstream factories. It is mainly a wait-and-see business, and the transaction atmosphere is general. From a comprehensive point of view, recently, even plastic may continue to shake the consolidation trend

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