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The application of Cartesian coordinate robots in Olympic projects

the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing provides a good opportunity for all walks of life to show themselves. They have directly or indirectly participated in the team serving the Olympic Games, and Shenyang Rio Tinto Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd. is no exception. With their professional technical level and good product quality, Successfully participated in many Olympic Games service projects directly or indirectly. Other anti-counterfeiting technologies include X-ray detection

one of the applications of Bahr linear positioning system in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

pole vault horizontal pole automatic lifting translation support

generally, the height of the horizontal pole in pole vault is more than 4.5 meters, so it is very difficult to accurately lift and lower the horizontal pole at such a height, especially the horizontal pole should optimize the progress of the research project of CO2 replacement technology according to the takeoff habits of athletes; Summarize the experience and lessons implemented in the first stage and adjust them before and after. In today's fierce sports competition, the competitive level of athletes is constantly approaching the human limit, and the level of different athletes is also very close. Therefore, the adjustment accuracy and repetition accuracy of the horizontal pole are very important

a sporting goods group company in Beijing is entrusted by the State General Administration of sports and the field management center to develop a set of such equipment, and the key part of this equipment is the linear positioning system. After investigating the products of many domestic brands, they decided to use Bahr company to complete the experiments of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, weld stretching and other linear positioning units, which is because Bahr linear positioning units can meet their key requirements: 1. Fast speed, up to 5 meters/second; 2. Stable operation without vibration; 3. Good rigidity; 4. The journey is large, and the horizontal pole is up to 6 meters; 5. It has a large load and can withstand the huge impact of athletes' action errors. Shenyang Rio Tinto Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd. finally undertook the mechanical structure design and manufacturing and electrical control of this equipment, and achieved success. Now, the first equipment has been used for the training of athletes in a track and field venue, and the subsequent two equipment are in production. We will see this equipment on the pole vault field of the track and field field field of the 2008 Olympic Games

bahr linear positioning system in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games application II

basketball venue sports floor performance testing

internationally, the floor of professional basketball venues has very strict technical indicators, while in China, there has been no corresponding technical indicators and testing equipment. In 2006, the blue tube center worked with an international sports ground testing center in Beijing to formulate China's sports floor testing standards with reference to international standards. After the standard is formulated, it must be equipped with corresponding multi-functional testing equipment for wood-based panel testing machines according to national specifications. Shenyang Rio Tinto Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. is fortunate to become a supplier of two sets of equipment, namely, ball rebound testing equipment and floor wear resistance testing. We have successfully developed the above two sets of equipment with the straight-line positioning system of German Bahr company as the core component. At present, both sets of equipment have been delivered and will undertake the floor performance test of the basketball court tube of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. (end)

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