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Application of CAXA software in modern enterprises

our company is a modern enterprise that produces and operates balanced cranes, jib cranes, coal mine sieves, and transmission line steel pipe poles. Especially in the light lifting machinery industry, it is a leading enterprise with great influence in China. Its products are all over the country, and some of them are exported to the Middle East

in recent years, the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Facing the urgent delivery time, a large number of non-standard products with a wide variety and different uses, the company feels that only by gradually transforming the traditional design, production, management and management system with modern information technology, and improving the design strength and market competitiveness of the enterprise, can it be in an invincible position in the competition

in 1998, on the basis of carefully summarizing the experience and lessons of previous CAD, the company made clear the goal of "making CAD a productivity" and grasped the key of "designers use CAD". Finally, the "drawing board rejection", that is, the realization of drawing automation, is determined as a breakthrough in the application of CAD technology. The key to the "drawing board rejection" project is to choose which drawing software

at that time, domestic drawing software was mainly divided into two categories, one was the secondary development based on AutoCAD of American Autodesk company, and the other was domestic independent copyright. In addition, many units directly use AutoCAD for drawing. First of all, we will ask our partners widely to see what kind of drawing software they choose and whether it works well. According to their feedback and our own trial situation. We realize that cad/cam software is different from game software. We must not buy pirated software for the sake of cheapness. Otherwise, it will affect efficiency at first and bring huge losses to enterprises at last. Choosing CAD software is a very serious matter, and any decision will have a far-reaching impact. First of all, it is absolutely not advisable to use piracy. Secondly, the selection of the entire CIMS system software should be comprehensively considered, including how to do 3D design, how to do process design, and what about cam in the future. We should have a vision of development. We should not only focus on the present, but also consider the long term

after careful consideration, we decided to use CAXA software. The most important reason is its price advantage, 650 yuan. One set of designers in the Institute is only about 10000 yuan. What is the concept of 10000 yuan? Only one set of other genuine drawing software can be bought! Considering the price alone, CAXA is the only choice for small and medium-sized enterprises like us to engage in CAD

another main reason is that it is easy to use. Most state-owned enterprises in China, whether large or small, east or west, built factories in the 1960s and 1970s. After 20 or 30 years of development, many entered the factory when they were built. Now people in their 40s and 50s are the backbone of the factory. Take the designers of our company for example, many of them were trained by the enterprise itself or college graduates in the 1980s. These people are the backbone of the enterprise, But they have no foundation of computer or CAD at all. If they can't use computer drawing, the role of CAD technology will be greatly reduced. So easy to use is a very key point

we first bought five sets of CAXA eb98. After using it, it was much more than we had originally thought. In just one month, the design and process personnel of the institute could use it skillfully, and even those who had doubts or even rejected CAD were also actively learning. In less than a month, the designers completely got rid of the drawing board. Looking at these drawings, many people couldn't believe it. From the workshop workers to the general manager, they were full of praise. The initial concerns disappeared, and the company increased its investment in CAD. Now we have 5 sets of eb98, 7 sets of EB2000 and 5 sets of eb3d. In addition to the designers completely "getting rid of the drawing board", the process personnel also use EB and word to prepare process charts. Now CAXA has launched the CAPP process chart, and the market supervision department is working with relevant departments to deepen the access reform. We are ready to add a few more computers and purchase the CAXA process chart so that the process personnel can get rid of the chart completely

in less than two years, we have obtained many product orders with short delivery time and special user requirements. Directly create benefits of more than 1 million yuan. Among them, the "mechanical inspection arm" designed for the 13th Institute of the Ministry of space, the "double arm balance crane" designed for the Design Institute of the Ministry of machinery industry, and the "truck mounted crane" designed for a certain department of the General Logistics Department are difficult and short in time. We completed the design work on time with CAXA software, and won the praise of the company's production departments and users. Not only that, the number and quality of new products developed in the past two years are higher than those in previous years

due to the good performance of CAXA software, CAD technology not only brings good economic benefits to our enterprises, but also brings good social benefits to our city. It makes us deeply feel that "science and technology are the primary productive forces". Under our influence and drive, many carton compression resistance machinery enterprises in our city, which are often used in the packaging industry, have begun to implement the "drawing board rejection" project, and without exception, select and transfer professionals drove nearly 900 kilometers to Xining to choose CAXA software. At the same time, the science and Technology Commission and Economic Commission of our city also actively promote CAD technology and CAXA software. In November this year, Yangquan science and Technology Commission held a "Yangquan computer aided design (CAD) technology on-site promotion meeting" in our company, which brought together more than 100 engineering and technical personnel from two counties and four districts of the city and the heads of some enterprises. At the meeting, the designers of our institute and the staff of "Beihang Haier" demonstrated the main functions and characteristics of C and control rate stable AXA series software. At the same time, under our leadership, the industrial cadre school under the Municipal Economic Commission cooperated with Beihang Haier to establish the "CAXA education and training center", and hired us as external teachers. Our institute has also become an internship base for the training center

through nearly two years of contact with CAXA software, we have overcome the problems of text input, printing and typesetting, some of which are caused by the defects of CAXA software, but we don't hide our great virtue. We thank CAXA for its contribution to China's machinery industry, and hope that CAXA software can improve the commercialization of the software, support of various data formats, parameterization In-depth research and development on the ability of variable design. With the advantages of mastering the needs of Chinese enterprises, we should combine the functions of the software with the market positioning, and on the basis of improving the level of software development and management, launch more

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