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The application of carton packaging in silk screen printing new technology printing

silk printing has the characteristics of thick ink layer, rich graphic layers, strong three-dimensional sense, wide range of printing materials and so on. Its application in high-end tobacco, alcohol and food packaging cartons is gradually increasing. Using UV silk ink to print sanding, refraction, ice flowers, wrinkles and other effects on cigarette boxes has greatly stimulated consumers' desire to buy. However, due to the low printing speed, slow ink curing speed, difficult to control the printing quality and high consumption of printing materials, the flat press flat wire printing method can not meet the needs of cigarette carton scale and mass production. Using high-speed rotary silk printing production line, the printing speed is fast, the productivity is high, and the printing quality is stable. Enterprise trends: Sigri group in Germany and researchers from the University of Stuttgart in Germany jointly developed a building production process based on glass fiber structure, which has low consumption, changed the traditional flat wire printing, manual paper supply, ink supply methods, and is suitable for high-speed automatic, large-scale mass production of exquisite folding cartons

the nickel metal round wire printing plate, built-in doctor blade and automatic ink supply system are used for web rotary wire printing. The doctor blade transfers the printing ink from the round wire plate to the substrate surface supported by the embossing cylinder. The whole printing process from paper feeding, ink supply, printing color registration, UV drying bath, etc. is fully automatically controlled by computer. The round screen printing plate is made of 100% nickel non-woven fabric material, and its holes are formed by electroforming. The holes are hexagonal wire shaped holes, and the whole surface is flat and thin to ensure the stability and precision of the imprint. Suitable for large format rotary printing, the maximum speed can reach 125m/min, and the wire can be reused for 15 times. Therefore, web rotary wire printing can not only meet the requirements of printing special effects such as frosting and ice flower, but also online hot stamping holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, embossing, 2 In high temperature experiments, die cutting molding is easy to realize high-speed automatic printing of cartons

environmental friendly UV screen printing imitation metal etching ink is mainly composed of oligomer (i.e. light curing resin), active diluent (i.e. photosensitive crosslinking monomer), light (polymerization) initiator and additive. Printed on gold and silver card paper, UV silk screen imitation metal etching ink solidifies rapidly under UV light, and the surface of the printed matter produces sanding effect

under UV irradiation, the photopolymerization initiator in UV ink absorbs photons of a certain wavelength, excites to the excited state, and forms free radicals or ions. Then, through the transfer of energy between molecules, polymers such as polymeric prepolymers and photosensitive monomers become excited states, producing charge transfer complexes; The complexing agent continuously crosslinks the scaffold and solidifies into a film. UV ink selectively absorbs photons of UV light 4 Apply the load at the speed of (250 ± 50) n/s until the specimen is destroyed. The dryness of UV ink is affected by the total energy of UV light source radiation and the distribution of light energy at different wavelengths. Solving the matching of UV ink and UV light source is conducive to accelerating the drying speed of ink, improving labor productivity and energy utilization, and reducing production costs

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