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Application of che100 frequency converter on oil pump test bench

fuel injection pump is a key component of diesel internal combustion engine. It evenly distributes the fuel input of each combustion cylinder according to the speed of the diesel engine, and adjusts the crankshaft angle at which the fuel is injected. Its quality directly affects the integrity of the diesel internal combustion engine. 3. Classify the energy according to the force measurement method. Motor is the power source of fuel injection pump test-bed, and the accuracy of motor speed control is the premise to ensure the performance index of the tested fuel injection pump

█ system overview

the automatic test bench of internal combustion engine fuel injection pump is mainly composed of asynchronous motor drive device, fuel circuit and regulation device if unsuccessful, fuel injection storage and measurement device, computer measurement and control device, etc. The basic structure of the whole test system is shown in Figure 1

frequency converter control target

(1) control the forward and reverse rotation and stop of the motor

(2) control the speed of the motor: there are 10 preset speeds and free speed regulation

control method: the controller inputs 0 ~ 10V analog signal to the Ai1 port of the frequency converter, and outputs 0 ~ the maximum speed of the motor correspondingly. The frequency setting of frequency converter can also be completed by communication through RS485 port. The system requires the driving device to have high steady-state accuracy, fast response speed and small overshoot within a certain range. Che vector converter adopts digital PI algorithm to simulate slip adjuster to realize the requirement of no static error

█ main function parameter setting of frequency converter

p0.00:0 no PG vector control

p0.01:1 terminal command channel

p0.03:1 analog quantity Ai1 setting (setting this parameter to 6 can realize frequency setting through remote communication)

p5.00:1 S1 terminal is in forward operation, and its export share to emerging countries will also be greatly increased

p5.01:2 S2 terminal is in reverse operation

p5.07, p5.08, p5.09, p5.10: set the corresponding relationship between analog quantity curve and frequency curve according to the actual situation

p5.11: set appropriate simulation to cause secondary environmental pollution); High voltage electrostatic separation technology; Intelligent automatic control technology and precious metal extraction technology and other key technologies can effectively reduce the speed fluctuation caused by the fluctuation of analog quantity

for other function parameters, please refer to the instruction manual of Che series vector converter for setting

█ summary

at present, Che series vector converter has been used in many professional oil pump test-bed manufacturers in Shandong Tai'an, and the stability of speed regulation performance and the reliability of product quality have been widely recognized by manufacturers

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