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80million tons of fruits and vegetables are rotten every year, but the fresh-keeping packaging industry is fat, but it is difficult to be

China's annual vegetable output is 300 million tons, and the fruit output is more than 60million tons. However, due to the backward fresh-keeping industry, 80million tons of fruits and vegetables are rotten every year, with a total loss of nearly 80billion yuan. This is the statistical result of relevant data of the fruit and vegetable industry. It is understood that at present, the post production storage capacity of fruit and vegetable products in developed countries can account for 70% - 80% of the total commodities, while that in China is only about 25%. It can be seen that domestic companies achieved a substantial increase in revenue and net profit in the first quarter of 2018, and there are huge business opportunities in fruit and vegetable packaging. At present, many foreign fresh-keeping enterprises are entering the Chinese fresh-keeping market with their technological advantages. Experts predict that the prospect of China's fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping industry in the next 10 years will be very attractive. Nevertheless, the particularity of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging industry and some actual conditions in China make it difficult to bite the "fat" in front of us

the audience of fresh-keeping packaging is restricted by many conditions

"the work of fresh-keeping packaging of fruits and vegetables is very complex, and we should start before picking," Weng Minghui, Professor of Guangdong Zhongkai Agricultural Technology College, introduced to him. Professor Weng said that it is generally required to stop watering for 15 days before fruit picking, and stop using pesticides and fertilizers within a certain period of time. The picked fruit should be cooled first to reduce the respiratory heat of the fruit, then cleaned and disinfected, and then the relevant packaging materials should be selected for corrosion prevention and preservation. This whole process is a very complex subject, which is difficult to control, because different fruits choose different packaging materials, disinfectants and non-toxic preservatives, and some fruits are relatively easy to preserve, and some are difficult to preserve themselves. All these are difficult to control not only by fruit farmers and some packaging enterprises, but also by researchers of the agricultural college

in addition, at present, the domestic fruit and vegetable packaging is still in the stage of simple packaging and cleaning, and the scientific picking process has not been popularized. For example, a person in the industry said that fruits with sufficient water, such as watermelon, will weigh much higher if they are watered enough before picking. There is no doubt that a single watermelon will earn more money. But in this way, watered watermelon is easy to rot and difficult to preserve. It is not difficult to see that there is a problem of the interests of fruit farmers involved. Disinfection, cleaning, preservation and packaging will increase many costs, which is difficult for fruit farmers to accept. At present, the fruit source in China mainly comes from fruit farmers, so it is quite necessary to educate fruit farmers to handle with care and stop water and medicine according to scientific methods to solve the problem of difficult packaging of fruits and vegetables. Professor Weng Minghui pointed out that at present, the domestic control of fruit selection quality mainly depends on the help of agricultural technology extension stations and acquisition stations

on the other hand, sales channels almost control the life and death of production enterprises. For packaging enterprises, the vast majority of packaged goods have to enter supermarkets or shopping malls, and the "entrance fee" and "shelf fee" without management restrictions in these places are undoubtedly a big stumbling block. In addition, the packaged products can't get the payment immediately after entering the supermarkets and stores. Generally, the accounts receivable can't be recovered until three or four months later. This means that the working capital of enterprises is reduced. In order to ensure the normal operation of production, enterprises are likely to have loan behavior and bear certain taxes and interests. These expenses have caused the increase of intangible costs of enterprises, according to the research of the Ministry of industry and information technology

therefore, although the packaged fruit and vegetable products are much safer than the wholesale market, and are increasingly favored by end consumers. At the same time, they can also export and earn foreign exchange. However, facing such a large market potential, many enterprises may be watching while they are jealous

"packaging + deep processing" walk on two legs

in the face of the above difficulties in promoting fresh-keeping packaging technology, Professor Weng Minghui pointed out that most domestic fruit producing areas are remote and inconvenient in transportation. It is very difficult to transport fruits to the producing areas, so packaging enterprises should invest and set up factories in local fruit and vegetable producing areas as much as possible. Industry insiders also believe that the best way is to invest in local fruit processing plants and make full use of the energy and resources of the original plants, which not only solves the problem of raw materials for fruit processing, but also solves the problem of energy

in addition, the combination of deep processing of fruit and vegetable products and fresh-keeping packaging product chain is the general trend. On the one hand, the fruit growth cycle is slow, and the off-season accounts for most of the year. If you only invest in packaging, it is difficult to recover costs in the short term, and the factory may be idle for a long time in the off-season. Therefore, "packaging + deep processing" can concentrate on processing in the off-season, reduce idleness and recover costs faster. In addition, "packaging + deep processing" can also resolve the backlog of fruits caused by inconvenient transportation, and further process fruits into products with a long shelf life to avoid losses caused by decay

however, Professor Weng Minghui specially pointed out that although the "packaging + deep processing" mode is good, the experiments of different scratch radii on the two production lines require considerable capital investment, and the barriers to entry are relatively high. Therefore, the fresh-keeping packaging of fruits and vegetables is a systematic and overall project. It can not be achieved overnight by rounding the result of 6.1.3 ear making rate to an integer multiple of 0.1%, which requires overall planning. The prospect of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping industry is very good, but the fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging industry has the particularity of our country, and the participants need to fully understand and investigate, and invest cautiously

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