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Editor's note: This paper mainly introduces the application of Kaimu CAPP software in Shanghai Boiler Co., Ltd. At the same time, it also explains the process of boiler process design of Shanghai Boiler Co., Ltd


Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as shangguo) is the earliest boiler manufacturing enterprise established in China, and has provided a large number of power station boilers, industrial boilers, pressure vessels and other equipment at home and abroad for more than 50 years. Its products are distributed in more than 30 countries in the world, and it is one of the largest large-scale power boiler manufacturers in China and the world's strongest manufacturing capacity

large power station boilers or pressure vessels and other equipment produced by the boiler are typical products produced by multiple varieties, orders and single pieces. As utility boilers and large pressure vessels are major safety products, the state and industry have strict quality requirements and safety management norms in terms of design, production, installation, quality inspection, etc. Therefore, for the pressure vessel of the boiler, the quality and requirements of process design have an important impact on the product cost, processing complexity, final quality and reliability

leaders at all levels of shangguo attach great importance to the informatization of process design in the process of enterprise informatization. After more than a year of careful selection, the CAPP products of Wuhan KAIMU Information Technology Co., Ltd. were finally selected as the process application platform for cooking

second, the characteristics of the boiler process design

◆ the characteristics of the process route preparation

first, according to the parts list of the product drawing (in units of components), the cold working process group prepares the process route for each part

◆ process design features

are mainly divided into two parts: welding process and cold working process. The welding process is the most, and the workload is large. In the boiler process design, the welding process should be done well first, and then the cold working process should be prepared according to the welding process, that is, the processing method and machining allowance of the cold working process are determined according to the welding method

◆ characteristics of process standards

process preparation is mainly based on two standards: domestic boiler specifications and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards. According to different standards, the inspection items of the same product are different, so the content of the prepared process card is very different

◆ characteristics of process data management

large amount of basic process data information. For example, WPS and PQR databases need to be established for welding process, and elbow tooling database, pump tooling database, ball passing tooling database, chamfer tooling database, upsetting tooling database, necking tooling database need to be established for pipe process

in process planning, there is often the situation of deriving specific part processes by combining typical processes and specific parameters, which requires automatic or semi-automatic generation of processes to a certain extent. The corresponding process can be automatically derived from the computer according to the requirements of the professional process, the pre established process rules and process knowledge, and the process database

◆ characteristics of process information exchange

each professional process group has its own process design requirements, with different input information and output results. The jaw clamping part is hydraulic clamping, and there is information exchange and sharing between professional processes; The process prepared by a professional group may be one of the information sources of the process prepared by other professional groups

the complete process design process involves multiple professional process groups and process personnel, including process schemes; Quality plan, process audit, process route, process preparation, process summary, material quota, tooling design, process warehousing and so on need parallel and serial multiple stages and various contents in time and space. In these work processes, a large amount of process information needs to be exchanged and shared between different stages, different departments and different personnel

in addition, the business characteristics of different professional groups are different, and different CAPP functional modules need to be designed and implemented respectively

main problems of the original process design of three on boiler

◆ the efficiency of process design needs to be improved.

the welding process, which accounts for most of the work of process design, is mainly manual, with a lot of repetitive work and a large workload, which affects the speed of process response. Moreover, the welding process is an information source for the preparation of the boiler process, which directly affects the development of other process design

in addition, a large number of process statistics and summary work need to manually find the existing information in the process documents, and then copy the information repeatedly, which is easy to cause data inconsistency

◆ the accumulated process knowledge is difficult to be used effectively

after years of work, a lot of welding process knowledge and cold work process knowledge have been accumulated on the pot. Manual operation is difficult to fully share and make use of these valuable process design knowledge in different professional groups

◆ there is an "information island" between the process and design departments.

the information transmission between the process department and the design department is carried out by traditional manual methods. The detailed information of parts and components of boiler products was recently approved by the Tianqiao branch of Jinan Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, and the officially released information and graphic information cannot be effectively shared. During process design, it is necessary to repeatedly input the information of parts and components of products and some graphic information

◆ the information within the process department is not integrated

due to the characteristics of boiler process design, the information input of welding process needs to be input repeatedly when preparing cold working process. However, the information transfer between the on pot welding process and the cold working process is carried out through manual reference, and the process design information between the professional process groups is not shared

◆ the management means of the process design process are backward.

from the process design process of the boiler, we can see that a complete process design process is not only the preparation of a process document, but also the complete process management from the process scheme to the final drawing warehousing. There are a lot of information transmission, approval, change and other processes in the whole process of the boiler. The traditional management means are relatively random and the process is opaque, Uncontrollable, it is difficult for the project leader to figure out what stage the process design is in charge of, and it is difficult to immediately grasp the task completion of the project team members

therefore, an effective CAPP software system is needed to improve the efficiency of process design, shorten the process preparation cycle, promote the standardization of process design and process management, summarize and inherit process design knowledge, improve process design level and design quality, and provide basic process data for pdm/erp system of boiler

five boiler process integrated system design

after analysis, we believe that the boiler process system has the following main functional requirements:

◆ process document management function

due to the large number and variety of boiler process documents, a product or component includes welding process, cold working process, tooling quota table, various summary lists, etc., so it must have a good process drawing file management function to realize the network retrieval of process documents Warehousing, resource sharing

◆ process resource management function

process resources include typical processes, process equipment, process terminology dictionary, materials and other process databases for process designers to borrow and refer to. Each process professional group has its own process resources 1 According to materials, it can be divided into metal and non-metal material testing machines; Database, at the same time, shares the public information resources of enterprises. Process resources have the functions of expansion, modification and retrieval

◆ cold working CAPP suitable for the characteristics of cold working process

cold working process is mainly based on process card, which requires the process device to have strong functions such as text, automatic generation of process number, drawing process diagram, querying and browsing process resources, printing output, etc. in addition, a large number of process cards have been compiled with FoxPro database for cooking, The process unit should also be able to convert these DBF data to this c. the current situation of the results behind others has changed the app system

◆ welding CAPP suitable for the characteristics of welding process

the preparation of welding process is characterized by the need to find and quote a large number of relevant process knowledge, work specifications, industry standards, calculate and judge according to the predetermined rules, and form a process card

◆ Intelligent CAPP system suitable for all majors

part of the process flow of the boiler industry is relatively stable. Even if the product changes, this part of the process flow is roughly the same, but the relevant parameters change. The intelligent CAPP system can interpret the flow chart and generate standard process content. It can automatically summarize product design information and process design information: it can customize the summary table format, configure the calculation and arrangement of data according to the standards of boiler enterprises

Figure 2. The main function module of cspk CAPP

the implementation effect of cspk CAPP system

in 2001, cspk determined Kaimu company as a partner in enterprise information construction to implement and apply Kaimu CAPP and BOM system. In the process of implementation and application, the following effects have been achieved:

process management personnel:

◆ process standardization and standardization can be promoted through Kaimu CAPP and BOM system

◆ organize, manage and innovate process design knowledge to improve the quality of process design

◆ process data can be submitted timely and accurately, which can help relevant departments make timely and accurate decisions

◆ combined with the open-ended PDM system, we can fully share process information and understand the completion status of process tasks

welding process personnel of each professional group:

◆ dynamic design information exchange can be carried out with the design department through the open CAPP and BOM system to ensure the accuracy of process design

◆ it is convenient to maintain the welding process knowledge base, retrieve the welding process knowledge base, and quickly generate WPL, wpts and other process documents

◆ automatically count and summarize the consumption quota of welding materials

◆ dynamic inquiry and acquisition of welding process knowledge

◆ it is convenient to maintain the cold work process knowledge base and cold work process flow, retrieve the cold work process knowledge base, and intelligently generate process documents such as cold work process card and process code card, CO card and quality control point of process card

◆ automatically summarize the parts list, typical process route process equipment list, process equipment list and other documents, calculate the material quota, and generate the standard (general) material consumption quota library

VII summary

through the application and implementation of CAPP and BOM system, the work efficiency of process personnel in the process of boiler process design has been significantly improved, which has promoted the standardization construction of boiler process and improved the level and quality of boiler process design; At the same time, it has accumulated a large number of basic process data, improved the level of enterprise information application, and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent enterprise management information construction. At present, the implementation of PDM in shangguo is about to begin, which will push the enterprise informatization of shangguo to a new height

the boiler loading process solution is of considerable typical significance in the boiler industry, and provides a very referential solution for the process application of shipbuilding, chemical machinery, steel structure and other large-scale welding and cold work manufacturing industries

appendix: process terms commonly used in the boiler industry:

hti: heat treatment process card

tl: (header) list of welded joint samples

tcl: welded joint inspection specimen card

wps: welding procedure specification

wjt: Welding

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