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The global carton board set off a tide of capacity expansion

in the next few years, the production capacity of the global carton board market will increase significantly. The launch of a large number of new machines will increase the corrugated paper production capacity by at least 6.048 million tons per year

production in the European market will increase significantly. In 2000, 1.695 million metric tons of annual production capacity will be launched, and the majority of the new production capacity is based on waste paper. Prior to this, all suppliers have always claimed to carry out capacity self-discipline. However, at the end of 2000, some manufacturers did reduce production to maintain market equilibrium. Some capacity expansion plans only recently began, and mainly focused on upgrading old machines

now everyone is talking about the giant paper machine of German papierfabrik palm with an annual output of 600000 tons. Some people in the industry believe that it will not have much negative impact on the market, because the demand in the region will increase before it is put into production, which is the opposite. In fact, it is predicted that the demand for recycled carton board will increase by 4% per year in, but others believe that if other recent capacity expansion plans are considered, the paper machine may lead to market overload

in contrast, the United States is one of the trends in environmental protection and energy conservation of building materials, and only plans to build a new paper machine. However, considering that manufacturers there are significantly reducing production, it is not surprising to practice mass entrepreneurship and innovation with action. U.S. manufacturers announced that they reduced production by 802000 tons in the fourth quarter of last year, which rose to 827000 in the first quarter of this year when they were prone to damage.. Since the second half of 1998, the United States has closed 19 paper machines indefinitely or permanently, reducing production capacity by 3.5 million tons

the largest is in Asia. The annual production capacity of the region will increase by 3.65 million tons, of which China accounts for 2.835 million

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