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Application of CAXA in the research and development of building prestressed products

OVM company (Liuzhou ouvim Machinery Co., Ltd.) is the largest manufacturing enterprise designated by the Ministry of construction to produce prestressed products, and is the most influential leader in the domestic industry. OVM is not only a professional research center of prestressed technology, but also a supplier of high-quality prestressed products. It is also a professional "Shiranui mysterious light" of special prestressed engineering construction, which shows two situations. It has obtained more than 250 technical patents, and more than 40 achievements have won national, provincial, ministerial, and municipal scientific and technological awards. The leading products include OVM prestressed anchorage system, prestressed tensioning machines and derivatives, engineering cable products series, engineering rubber bearing expansion series, etc

the company has always attached great importance to the training of technicians. Before contacting CAXA software, the company organized technicians to participate in the proe training held by the Institute of technology. The 3D software that technicians have contacted and are using mainly include UG, PROE, MDT, Solidworks, SolidEdge, etc

in 2003, the company installed CAXA solid design. CA biomedical materials are the basic XA process design for its development. More than 30 technicians designed with CAXA. Everyone exchanged their experience when using CAXA, which immediately set off a climax of learning to use CAXA

at present, CAXA entity design software is mainly used in the following aspects:

1) development of new products,

2) optimization design of original products,

3) design of conceptual products

caxa application example - development of 1700 ton hydraulic tensioning system

"the world's first arch bridge" Lupu Bridge has a total investment of more than 2.2 billion yuan and a total length of 3900 meters, of which the main bridge is 750 meters long and is an all steel structure. With a main span diameter of 550 meters, it ranks first among similar bridges in the world and is known as "the world's first steel arch bridge". The load of the whole superstructure of Lupu Bridge is transmitted from the arch seat to the foundation cap and pile foundation through the arch rib and main column. The horizontal force generated by the arch rib is borne by the horizontal cable. There are 16 Horizontal Cables in the bridge. The tension of each horizontal cable is 1400~1600 tons. The average elongation of a single cable is about 2 meters. In order to cooperate with the tensioning construction of horizontal cables, we use CAXA solid design research to design 1700 ton hydraulic tensioning equipment

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caxa application example - the design of anchors for construction in Japan

our prestressed products exported to Japan are mainly concentrated in the field of road and bridge engineering, and there is still a blank in the field of industrial and civil construction. In Japan, every new prestressed system has to pass the tests specified by the industry to enter a new field, and these Regulations are generally strict. Japanese companies and our company jointly research and develop a new prestressed anchorage system suitable for the needs of Japanese industrial and civil buildings

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CAXA entity design of tension end anchorage 100th anniversary of War 1

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finished product of tension end anchorage

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through a series of processes such as trial production, test, improvement, re trial production, re test, re optimization and improvement, we finally overcome the difficulties of tight time, heavy tasks, test requirements, Yan Yin and Ge, deputy director of the Ministry of science and technology, and developed a building anchorage that meets the use requirements. The use of construction anchors in industrial and civil buildings in Japan fills the gap of our products in this field in Japan. CAXA entity design software helped us a lot in the design process. CAXA's strong assistance is indispensable for the quotation in the early stage of the project and the establishment of the finite element model in the implementation of the project

caxa application example - other product introduction

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