60% of the hottest app developers still have dream

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App of life and death: 60% of developers still have dreams

from angry birds, plants and zombies to fishing masters, successful game apps let us ignore the sadness of this industry

in recent years, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet industry, all kinds of APP applications have emerged and followed one another. After the waves of the market, they are not suitable for a wide range of samples, and some have both fame and wealth, Some have a large number of users but fail to find a clear business model, and more are living and dying in confusion

according to the 2012 survey report on the current situation of Chinese application developers released by AI media consulting, by the end of November 2012, 22.3% of Chinese application developers had made profits, which was higher than 14.8% in the first half of 2012. The profitability of some developers has improved, but this does not mean that the whole industry has begun to improve, because the majority of losses still account for. However, even if it is only a small progress, it is already a dawn in the eyes of the floating application developers in the industry, and most of them still have dreams

fame and fortune? The game is still the most reliable

from angry birds and plants fighting zombies abroad to domestic fishing masters. They have been regarded as representatives of successful game apps on various occasions again and again. In fact, most of the profitable application developers also belong to the game category

Luo Chuan, CEO of APP exchange, one of the largest Android application markets in China, believes that with smart devices entering thousands of households, it has now entered the era of national game players. Among smart devices, an average of 100 applications are installed, and at least 15% are games. The business model of game applications is relatively clear. A considerable number of game developers make profits through overseas marketing, or through the business model of free applications plus advertising, as well as in app charging

in the list of the top 100 app developers with the highest revenue in April 2012 released by the Appstore, China has eight teams on the list, of which Chengdu tap4fun Technology Co., Ltd. (tap4fun) ranks 30th with a score of $1.13 million, ranking first among Chinese enterprises. Tap4fun has been positioned in the global market rather than the Chinese market from the beginning, which is also an important reason for their success. Tap4fun currently has many games, such as hacker empire, Galaxy Empire, and Empire of kings

due to the considerable differences in consumption habits between the overseas market and the Chinese market, the overseas market can earn more income through charging for downloading, charging in app 2, embedding a certain indoor space around the instruments and equipment, while the domestic market has no consumption habits of paying for downloading. According to AI media consulting data, 56.6% of Chinese application developers choose free download + in app advertising as their main profit model. Chinese application developers are not optimistic about the paid download model

however, game application developers for the domestic market are also profitable. For example, Guangzhou Gude game company spent more than a year and now has a monthly income of more than 10 million. The company owns games such as world ol

according to Zhang Yi, CEO of AI media consulting, there are three reasons for the success of most domestic game applications. First, the game field is a field that can be cashed out, which is the premise. Second, they waited for an appropriate time. Platforms with a large number of users such as Tencent and UC were willing to share with game developers, which was not available before. Through the open platform, access to users, and then through the form of account sharing, game developers can obtain revenue. The third comes from the product itself. If the game product meets the needs of users, users are willing to pay for it

for those with large users, it is not a long-term plan to earn a shout

although from the current situation, as long as a game is done well and welcomed by the market, it is the easiest to succeed. However, facts have proved that there are too few games that can become famous in the first World War, such as angry birds, plants and zombies, and more are submerged in the endless ocean of apps. In addition, it is difficult for a single game to make the company bigger, which is also a headache for developers. Today, with a highly developed commodity economy, developers say that success in a game is not success at all, because it may not be able to support the company's expanded operational needs. At this time, if you want to push the second or third game, and you have to go through this process again, how many chances of success are there? Nobody knows

there is another kind of APP application, which has a large number of users, but does not seek a clear business model. The most representative one is Tencent's solution to these difficulties

Tencent has more than 200million users in just two years since its launch in January 2011. Whether and how such an application software with such a large number of users can make profits is clearly the focus of attention. Tencent has also been groping for a long time on the road of profit model

the industry has been discussing intensively about the profit model of, for example, whether it will follow the example of kakaotalk in South Korea to make profits through charging for expressions and games, etc. Some explorations have also been launched, such as vigorously promoting QR code, starting to operate membership cards, and binding TenPay to test water payment

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