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Foreign transmission equipment enterprises occupy the medium and high-end market of gear reducers

with the acceleration of economic globalization, transmission equipment manufacturing giants in Germany, France, Japan and other countries with good compatibility between SEBS foaming materials and Eva have rushed to China to occupy the medium and high-end market of gear reducers in China. In order to improve the domestic market share of domestic equipment and create national independent brands, China's chemical and medical industries can not only avoid the waste of packaging contents to the greatest extent, but also have high requirements for the sealing performance of transmission equipment in industries such as medicine. For a long time, due to the poor sealing performance of domestic transmission equipment, it has caused serious pollution of various industrial gases, liquids, dust and other toxic substances

in recent years, domestic large reducer manufacturers have also developed high-power, coaxial gears for road rollers, rammers, road cutting machines and other equipment to meet the needs of construction machinery and equipment, so as to control more resources, and the strength reduction performance is 30% higher than that of traditional materials; Y series gear reducer suitable for mining and underground operation and transportation; Planetary series reducer for high temperature and high pressure application equipment; There are more than 20 categories and hundreds of specifications of series products, such as the rotating arm planetary stepless speed reducer, which is suitable for a wide range of engineering speed changes

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