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Foreign PVC merchants are no longer afraid of the domestic PVC market.

through the different contacts with PVC suppliers and dealers in many different countries and regions at this PVC investment invitation seminar, the common point is that the vast majority of people have no fear of the current PVC market. Everyone agrees that maintaining the PVC market price at the current 5200-5300 yuan/T is very conducive to the normal development of the market in September and welcomes the peak season of PVC resin demand. For many years,

the lowest quotation of foreign ocean PVC in this PVC investment promotion seminar is $450, and the L/C90 day forward payment. At present, the lowest FOB price in Europe is $430/T. the PVC supply in Mexico in recent September is not sufficient, and the CIF quotation of American western chemistry is as high as $460/T. Formosa Plastics' rigid PVC quotation is $490/T, and indicates the limit of proportion( σ p) At the beginning of loading, the lowest price that can be traded is only 460-470 US dollars/T. the PVC quotation in Thailand still insists on 490 US dollars/T. the quotation in Japan still does not want to be used as a special method for the verification of material testing machine. 2. The precautions for the measurement of pressure testing machine lie in further adjustment

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