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Foreign media: Alibaba rookie voice assistant is more powerful than Google duplex in running the AI track.

according to foreign media reports, Google launched duplex voice assistant in May this year, causing a sensation. This is a human like voice assistant, which can make restaurant reservations and salon reservations

it seems to mark a new milestone in speech generation and natural language understanding, opening the curtain on what the future of human-computer interaction may look like

although Google is slowly launching this function in its limited public release, Alibaba's own voice assistant has taken the lead

on December 2, at the 2018 annual artificial intelligence research conference neural information processing systems conference, Alibaba showed off its logistics company rookie's artificial intelligence customer service assistant

Jin Rong, director of Alibaba machine intelligence and Technology Lab, said that this assistant has provided services to millions of customers every day

the content of the pre recorded demo is that the intelligent assistant asks the customer where he wants his package delivered

in the round-trip conversation, the assistant successfully identified several conversation elements, which showed the breadth of his natural language ability

5. Yield ratio( σ s/σ b) Within 30 seconds, the agent successfully handled three common and difficult conversation components: interruption, nonlinear conversation and implicit intention

interruption is self-evident: the assistant can respond to the interruption of the customer and continue to transmit relevant information without restarting or skipping a beat

when the customer asks 2. Who is the model selection of the pressure shear experimental machine

this requires the assistant to realize that the customer did not answer the previous question, but began a new inquiry

in response, the assistant reintroduces himself before returning to the original question

when the customer answers that I am not at home in the morning, there will be implicit intention

he never clearly said what he really meant. Home delivery is not feasible, but the assistant can read the meaning between the lines and take follow-up actions rationally

thus affecting the quality of the waterproof layer. These elements may be very common in human dialogue, but machines are often difficult to deal with them

from the similar call samples demonstrated by Google, Alibaba's voice assistant can do this, which shows that it is more complex than Google's duplex call

however, it is worth noting that Alibaba's presentation is designed for stage presentation; The actual situation may be different

at present, the assistant is only used to coordinate package delivery, but Jin said that it can be extended to deal with other topics

he would not disclose how the assistant trained

but he hinted that in addition to using other resources, the company can also use a large number of customer recordings

according to the introduction, the slide shows that on a typical day, the company receives an average of 50000 customer service every day, which will increase fivefold on the double 11 (November 11), which is the company's highest paid holiday in a year

Alibaba is also developing digital assistants for other aspects of its business, including ordering assistants that can order for you in noisy restaurants and stores

a human like virtual assistant that can answer questions about Alibaba products

in addition, 20% of the sellers of Xianyu, Alibaba's resale platform, are already using a low-cost chat robot

the core of these assistants is alime, a speech recognition and natural language processing engine, developed by the company's machine intelligence and technology laboratory. They are then packaged and adapted to different parts of the business

Alibaba's biggest advantage in this field is that it has a large amount of data to train AI

these assistants learn and improve faster, because when they deal with various situations, let's let Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. give you a brief introduction and get a lot of practice

the huge business motivation to rapidly deploy these technologies also helps

in addition to handling a large amount of customer support, Alibaba also delivers 1billion packages every day

giving some tasks to AI will help reduce the burden on human beings and keep the business running smoothly

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