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Foreign big brand tire dealers have a hard time in China.

in recent years, foreign big brand tire dealers have a hard time in China. " Yuan Jianmin, deputy general manager of sifangyuan Trading Co., Ltd. in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, talked about this sentence several times in recent exchanges with. As an agent of the Dunlop brand, he suffered from problems such as "poor profitability" and "tire speculation" in 2017. A few days ago, Yuan Jianmin elaborated his views on these two issues

domestic tire brands are more "profitable"

it is reported that compared with Chinese tire brands, the prices of international brands such as Dunlop, Michelin and Goodyear are very transparent

in Yuan Jianmin's view, this is like a double-edged sword, which not only brings benefits to consumers, but also brings confusion to dealers

"in the repair shop, many car owners inquire the price of tires that need to be replaced on the e-commerce platform and bargain on this basis." Speaking of this phenomenon, Yuan Jianmin was a little helpless

it is reported that compared with these international tire brands, some domestic tires, like Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, are an important industrial development platform in Jiangbei new area, which can almost "make tire owners gain more profits"

it is understood that this profit is mainly caused by two kinds of "Opacity"

in order to seize the market, middle and low-end tire enterprises often take "price war" as a means of competition. Through the process of competitive enterprises bargaining with each other, the tire owners who purchase goods get more benefits. At the same time, due to the small reputation and low brand recognition, many domestic tire products have no opportunity to enter the e-commerce platform. Car owners are at a disadvantage in bargaining because they cannot know the real price of tires through the Internet

this information asymmetry also makes many tire owners "profitable". As an agent of Dunlop, yuanjianmin, who often visited tire stores, has seen many similar examples. In his view, this profit-making method will not last long after all, and the management of tire stores will eventually become standardized

yuan Jianmin said, "the role of our agents is to lead the tire stores to sell the most suitable tires to the most suitable car owners at the most appropriate price."

"speculation" makes it difficult for agents to survive.

"speculation" is a term in the tire industry. Many businessmen sell tire products to tire stores all over the country at low prices, seize the market and squeeze the living space of dealers

in some big cities such as Beijing, Jinan and Zhengzhou, there are not a few "speculators" who make tire dealers gnash their teeth and feel helpless

in 2017, the widespread "speculation" made it difficult for a large number of well-known tire brand agents to survive. Yuan Jianmin joked, "of course, only big brand tires have the opportunity to be fired."

in contrast, international brands such as Dunlop have greater influence, stronger liquidity and faster payment collection, and have become high value preservation products in the eyes of many speculators

it is reported that some speculators in the industry source goods from the dealers themselves. For many dealers, the inability to meet business targets is a problem they have to face. Many speculators focus on this batch of unfinished business indicators, but the price is relatively low

due to cash settlement, high shipping pressure in terms of cost and other reasons, some tire dealers have no other choice but to compromise in front of "speculation". The speculators who buy at a low price increase the price of the tires and sell them in another region, squeezing the living space of dealers in other regions

it is understood that at present, there is a competition trend among tire speculators. This competition makes them Guoliang copper: they concentrate on the research and development of new copper alloy materials, forcing the dealers who ship them to lower the price, further compressing the living space of tire dealers

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