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Foreign wine is obsessed with "Chinese packaging"

give us two cups of Benfu, oh, wait, another cup of Hefu. In the restaurant of the four seasons hotel in Shanghai, a guest with a wine list looked familiar when ordering wine. Don't think he was ordering domestic wine. Penfolds and Hefu are the Chinese names of two Australian wines Penfolds and wolfblass. The restaurant manager said that because these two wines have catchy and auspicious Chinese names, they are very popular with consumers, and their sales are much better than those foreign wines with awkward names. In fact, in recent years, in order to seize the Chinese market and please Chinese customers, foreign wine brands have raised the flag of sinicization and staged authentic Chinese stories in advertising

the first step of Chinese advertising language publicity

domestic consumers do not know much about many foreign wine brands abroad. Even for the quasi consumer group of foreign wine, few people can name more than five foreign wine brands at one go. Therefore, in addition to many family wineries that rely on experiential publicity, more foreign wine brands hope to improve brand awareness by increasing exposure, and increase the communication offensive in China through preconceived brand publicity. After all, wine is also afraid of deep alleys

Remy Martin, a world-famous brandy brand, entered the Chinese market very early. As early as 1993, it began to use Chinese advertising language to help Remy Martin open the market. As soon as Remy Martin opened, good things naturally became a well-known advertising language for all ages. The Chinese translation of Johnny Walker's classic advertising slogan keep walking uses a Chinese saying: where there is a will, there is a way

in recent years, the slogan of Chivas's life has been widely spread in China and has achieved great success in the construction of Chivas's brand. Recently, Chivas released its latest advertising film "live a knight's style" in China. The advertising film is a wonderful interpretation of the style of modern knights from the initial operation, and explains the four values that modern people should have: glory, courage, brotherhood, and Gentlemanliness, which once again won the praise of the majority of consumers. Hennessy VSOP caters to the personalized life taste and pursuit of contemporary young people, giving people a confident and courageous brand image. Dare to dream, dare to pursue, this is my brand positioning as Hennessy VSOP, which explains that young people in China are having the same fashion attitude of pursuing a personalized life as young people in all corners of the world

Otherwise, the heater will be destroyed when it is powered on.

the frequent exposure of these advertising words in various media and relevant occasions has achieved remarkable results, and no matter how much people who know these advertising words know about the corresponding foreign wine brand, its influence is unspeakable. Auspiciousness, good luck, enthusiasm, unity, friendship, fashion, these elements that Chinese people love and yearn for, have been vividly presented in the advertising language of different brands, which can be seen from the market environment with Chinese characteristics. This kind of cheap and good performance proves that it is a relatively wise choice for foreign wine to do as the Romans do

Chinese promotion makes foreign wine brands more people-friendly

since foreign wine entered China in the 1980s, it has been shaping extravagant and elegant culture with its noble and reserved steps. But in today's China, especially in big cities, the situation has changed: such brand image publicity will inevitably face the dilemma of being too lofty and too few. Only by fading the aura of mystery and nobility and creating a people-friendly image can the brand be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

as soon as Marty's whisky brand from Scotland was launched in 2004, it won the market with its specially prepared taste and unique packaging according to the needs of Chinese consumers. However, what made Madi's become more popular in China was the brand's initiative to first introduce singer Jacky Cheung as the brand image spokesperson. Compared with other luxury industries, the Chinese image spokesperson in the foreign wine industry is still rare. However, Jacky Cheung and the advertising of his missing good wine have made Madi's brand have more long-term development potential

since October, 2007, Shang Wenjie has officially become the first spokesperson in the history of Bailey sweet wine. The brand head of Baili sweet wine told: as the preferred foreign wine brand for Chinese women, Baili is committed to stimulating Chinese women to find their unique charm in their hearts, and hopes to guide more Chinese women to listen to the voice of their hearts through Shang Wenjie's music and her successful transformation

in 2005, another French wine Camons entered the Chinese market. Unlike Bordeaux and Burgundy, this wine, which is not from the five famous French chateaux, was crowned with the name of the French wine most suitable for Chinese taste, and suddenly became famous in the Chinese market

Jia Yunfeng, the Chinese director who promoted Camons to China, told him about his discovery trip: in 2005, at the invitation of the French Food Association, I started from Cannes, a city in the south of France, and went all the way north, not looking for famous wineries, not affected by the existing routes and media publicity. According to the tastes of the Chinese people, I finally found Camons and brought it to China

in addition, cooperation with local companies is also one of the measures to nationalize foreign wine brands. For example, Martell Jundu Co., Ltd. cooperates with local brands in Shanghai, which has derived a new brand, HuangXuan festive dry red

According to statistics, the sales of foreign wine in China in 2007 reached 3.53 billion, 300KN, which can be added such a thick sample yuan. In the past two years, the overall growth rate of foreign wine has been rapid at 30%. Young people in the bar night market are the largest consumer market of foreign wine brands in China. After determining the target group, the foreign wine brand began to carry out very targeted marketing activities, such as focusing on the intensive advertising during festivals and major events, directly naming various sports events at great expense, and holding fashion activities to attract young people who pursue fashion trends

the foreign wine brand I am most familiar with is Johnny Walker. Since F1 first set up its stop in Shanghai in 2003, Johnny Walker has first made a lot of popularity among Chinese car fans because of its sponsorship of McLaren. With the increasing influence of F1 in China, Johnny Walker's reputation has also become increasingly popular. Car fan Cao Hanyi told me that none of my car fan friends didn't know Johnny Walker. When you go to a bar party or a car race, Johnny Walker must be a must for McLaren fans

in addition, Chivas, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, promotes a series of music activities in China through international superstars. This includes not only many Chinese singers at their peak, but also Nora? Jones, Beyonce, Christina? Aguilera, the combination of black eyed peas and other world-class brands, as well as the world's top ten DJ tour performances. This year, as a tribute to the global advertising campaign to live a chivalrous style, Chivas also specially invited Dick Lee, a gold medal musical producer, to work on the musical "Knight star", starring film and television stars such as Cai Zhuoyan, Zhang Zhilin, Lin Zhiying, Liu Yali, which has brought an international chivalry to the Chinese stage. Superstar style and extreme experience have become the key words representing Chivas's Chinese marketing

when more brands pour into China, foreign wine brands are also looking for more in-depth Chinese marketing, such as looking for brands that match Chinese cuisine, so as to make foreign wine consumption more life and ordinary. Gongguoliang, ASC public relations manager, said

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