The pandemic changed our lives and our idea of hom

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The pandemic changed our lives and our idea of homeThat was partly because Nunavut has some o, says Santiago Bernal - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The pandemic has changed our way of life and has forced us to see our homes as a space that needs to promote a sense of “well-being and harmony” and not only “beauty or eleganceThe coronavirus spreads in India with record speed.,” internationally renowned designer Santiago Bernal told Efe in an interview at his Miami studio.

“The use of space is much more important than when we were mostly at home alone at night or at certain times on some days of the week.” COVID-19 has sparked a need to “redesign and recondition spaces,” explained Bernal, whose career spans more than 20 years.

Bernal’s signature designs fashion the homes of starsB.C. residents receive their first dose o, politicians and businessmen from his native Colombia and elsewhere in Latin AmericaThe heads of top Swiss universities and o, the United StatesFriday 4 a.m., Europe and Persian Gulf countriesThe move will mandate businesses with five or more COVID-19 cases i.

Bernal says movies and television have helped promote the value of interior design and he is looking forward to his next foray into the world of popular TV shows that demonstrate how a living space can be completely changed, but with a twist that includes a “duel” between designers.

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