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Sany parfiger's cross-cultural integration creates "alloy culture"

Sany parfiger's cross-cultural integration creates "alloy culture"

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"the current sales performance shows that each worker can create 5million yuan of output value for the company every year, which greatly exceeds the level of peers. This is inseparable from the efficient operation of our team composed of experts from all over the world and industrial workers from all over the world." Li Mingfu, operation director and director of the general manager's office of Sany parfiger Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd., said. On february28,2012, Sany Heavy Industry officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Austria parfiger group in Sany Changsha Industrial Park: Sany Heavy Industry subscribed for about 10% of parfiger's shares with about 108million euros, and parfiger also invested 110million euros to acquire 10% of the shares of the three heavy sectors. At that time, the situation of "you have me, I have you" of the two industry giants began to take shape. However, no one could have imagined that Sany parfiger realized the comprehensive and deep integration from the organization to the corporate culture in just one year after its official opening in Rudong Economic Development Zone, and achieved such extraordinary performance

integrating Eastern and Western cultures and promoting cross-cultural management with a sense of integration

different countries and nations have formed different histories and cultures, including values, behavior patterns, thinking habits, etc. The realization of enterprise development goals depends not only on the improvement of production level, but also on the improvement of corporate culture soft power, which is the industry consensus. The first problem faced by SANY parfiger at the beginning of its establishment was how to carry out cross-cultural management

"how to unify people from different countries and cultural backgrounds into a common value system and goal pursuit, and form a common value pursuit and corporate culture on the basis of seeking common ground while reserving differences? This is a difficult problem faced by our company in the early days of its establishment." Limingfu frankly said that there are great differences between Chinese and Europeans in working methods, management concepts, thinking habits and so on. When the two views are opposed, there will be conflicts. "At the beginning, we often encounter misunderstandings caused by cultural differences. For example, when we have a meeting, the Chinese management should come on time as usual, but foreigners are different. They should make an appointment with them in advance. If they do not make an appointment, they will not come to the meeting even if they have nothing to deal with. This requires integration."

when the company was founded, the board of directors formed a systematic solution to this problem: seeking common ground while reserving differences, and handling possible impasses through cross-cultural integration and management. "Many people believe that the truth is in the hands of a few people. I used to agree with this statement, but now I don't think it's all right. Things are always multifaceted. Especially for cross-cultural enterprise management, it is necessary to coordinate the opinions and concepts of all aspects and achieve the greatest degree of convergence in decision-making on the basis of compromise." Limingfu said

Eric, deputy general manager of Sany parfiger, also said that the two parent companies of the joint venture are located in different countries. The two parent companies represent the unique cultural concepts and perceptions of the two countries, and bring together foreign experts from China and many countries. We also maintain business contacts with customers all over the world and have suppliers from different countries. Therefore, the mode of production and operation, the habits of market operation, the design of products and services The concept of cultural management should be based on cross-cultural integration, carry out scientific and reasonable planning, and promote cross-cultural operation and management, "It is necessary to adopt inclusive management methods for cultures of different races, different cultural types and different cultural development stages, so as to create a unique cultural management process of the enterprise. The core of cross-cultural management is to solve cultural conflicts, find corporate goals that transcend cultural conflicts in the management process, maintain the common code of conduct of employees with different cultural backgrounds, and achieve the convergence of cultural awareness around the development strategy and goals of the enterprise The unification of values. "

in this regard, the company has developed and carried out diversified cross-cultural training. According to the specific situation of the joint venture, the managers of the participating departments are responsible for training the personnel of their departments, and focus on informing the employees of the visual map of the cultural dimension, so that the employees of their departments are aware of the cultural differences, and work together with foreign experts from Pakistan to find out effective ways of work communication; The human resources department shall post on the company's bulletin board the basic cross-cultural knowledge and work case analysis closely related to SPV, as well as the visual map of cultural dimension differences in China, Austria, France, Slovenia and other countries, so as to quickly enhance the cross-cultural awareness of employees

integrate the culture of the parent company, and make the products spread all over the world like Mozart's music.

"this year's signing will make the cooperation between parfiger and sany more close and in-depth, so as to give play to their respective advantages, promote each other's better development, make the products of Sany and parfiger spread all over the world like Mozart's music, and become a model of Austrian Chinese enterprise cooperation." Liangwengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry Group, said at the signing ceremony of the joint venture. Obviously, in order to achieve a model of Austrian Chinese enterprise cooperation, in addition to the integration of production and operation, scientific research and innovation, we should also set a benchmark at the level of corporate culture integration. At the beginning of its establishment, the management of the company clearly realized that Sany parfiger is a young joint venture established by two group companies from different cultural systems and composed of 248 employees with common goals but different cultural backgrounds. In order to achieve long-term success, it needs to integrate the cultures of different countries and nationalities, and more importantly, it needs to integrate the corporate culture genes of the two parent companies, Form a closely integrated "community" and achieve the unique corporate culture of the joint venture

the development goal of Sany Heavy Industry Group is to transform the machinery and equipment industry with high and new technology, take the lead in upgrading its products to the world-class level, and become a landmark enterprise in China's machinery and equipment industry. Its mission is to "create a first-class enterprise, cultivate first-class talents, and make first-class contributions", and its ideal is the "Sany spirit" of "self-improvement and industry serving the country", Promote the core values of "quality changes the world" throughout the company, and take all for customers and all from innovation as the basic business philosophy. Parfiger is closer to German culture geographically. Their corporate philosophy is: to be the best handling equipment manufacturer in the world, to provide the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective lifting scheme in the field of commercial vehicles and maritime affairs, to be outstanding for life, and to make sustainable and negative use of resources

"one is to make the world's best construction machinery, the other is to make the world's best handling equipment, which are similar." Limingfu said, "the marriage between the two group companies has been fully investigated. Parfiger chose Sany group because of the corporate culture. They believe that Sany people are Chinese Germans. They are rigorous, serious and responsible. They recognized Sany group just because they understand the history and culture of Sany."

Sany Paar can choose recycled EVA, Poe and polyolefin elastomer to toughen erfiger. As a joint venture, it needs to create a unique corporate culture. "We want to be a company with clear business processes. The focus of the discussion is: which parent company we will follow, which parent company's business processes we will follow, what aspects of the culture can be forged according to the parent company, and how to reflect the differences between the two parent companies?" Eric said, "at the beginning of the establishment of the joint venture, we spent a lot of time discussing these issues. The core lies in: continuing the cultural heritage of the parent company, integrating the cultural essence of the parent company, and forming the cultural system of the joint venture according to local conditions."

the establishment of Sany parfiger is another new exploration of Sany's international development model. Sany can learn from parfiger's advanced technology and mature management system. Similarly, parfiger can take advantage of Sany's brand advantages to expand its influence in the Chinese market. Experts predict that in the next 5 to 10 years, the truck mounted crane market will usher in a golden stage of rapid development. Although there are many domestic truck mounted crane manufacturers, their products and scale are uneven, and there is still a big gap compared with international peers. Sany parfiger will undoubtedly usher in unprecedented development opportunities, "We are determined to become a landmark enterprise and top manufacturing expert in the global truck mounted crane industry, and a leader in China's truck mounted lifting and transportation special vehicle industry. To win future development, there is no problem with production technology, and cultural integration is the key." Limingfu said, "focusing on quality, pursuing excellence, exceeding customer expectations, and using almost paranoid attitude, exhausting all means to achieve an unprecedented level of service is the essence of corporate culture, which should be integrated into the values and production behaviors of every employee."

create "alloy culture" to support the enterprise to win future competition

"core values symbolize the highest goal of an individual or organization, as well as its deep-rooted beliefs and core and basic driving forces. What happens in your workplace is the basis for forming values. It is very important for the joint venture to form common values and cultural concepts." Shortly after moving to Rudong Industrial Park, the management of the company held a joint venture enterprise culture seminar to introduce the enterprise culture management experience of the two parent companies respectively, and reached a consensus: we must learn the essence of Sany and parfiger's enterprise culture and values for our use, and then jointly discuss and establish the joint venture's own unique enterprise culture, so as to lay a solid cultural foundation for future success

after a round of bottom-up and top-down value discussion, the company reached a preliminary consensus on the current situation and future direction of corporate culture. The output of the final values relies on a set of "enterprise type indicators" tools. This indicator divides enterprises into "family culture", "structure culture", "project culture" and "innovation culture". According to Li Pengjun, director of Haier New Materials Marketing Department, these four types of cultures are distinguished from the cultural elements such as leadership, customers, employees, power and commitment. Through one by one deduction, we have a clear understanding of the current cultural type of corporate culture, and finally determine the future cultural objectives and required values of the joint venture: respect, cooperation

limingfu introduces the cultural connotation of values in detail: the essence of respect is: do not do to others what you do not want, pay attention to the needs of others, create a good working and living environment for employees, think for others, and listen to others' opinions with an open mind before making decisions; It is emphasized that the employees should be scrupulous in their duties and strive to do a good job in the repair of tissues and organs in the contemporary medicine of the employees; Implement the company's decisions, maintain the company's reputation and ensure the company's interests; Properly position myself, have a positive attitude, and ensure that all my work is result oriented through unremitting breakthrough and innovation, they generally do not want to use new technology to improve their comprehensive quality; Cooperation requires me to cooperate with my colleagues and customers based on partnership, adhere to win-win cooperation rather than personal heroism, trust and support each other, and try my best to create value for internal and external customers. "This is formed on the basis of our integration of the parent company's cultural system‘

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