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Japanese paper industry is affected by the increase of imported paper

Japanese paper industry, whose sales have been sluggish, is facing various problems caused by the increase of imported paper. In a large number of transactions such as supermarkets, the consumption of fees in some fields with a strong sense of society is beginning. The CSI coal index should select relevant stocks as constituent stocks from the coal and consumer fuel industry, and choose imported paper that is about 10% cheaper than Japanese domestic paper. Since the spring of this year, major companies in Japan's paper industry have stopped using paper-making equipment on a large scale. However, even so, the production capacity of Japan's paper industry is still 10-20% surplus, so it is possible to be further forced to reduce production. According to the data of the Japan Paper Industry Federation, the import volume of coated paper, mainly used for advertising leaflets and catalogues, increased by 2.4 times in September compared with the same month last year, and its main raw materials reached 73000 tons of electronics. The import volume in a single month is second only to the highest in July this year. In addition, the sales volume of coated paper in Japan in September decreased by 16.7% to 419000 tons compared with the same month last year. In October this year, Japan's paper industry was still not free from the downturn, which was lower than the same period last year for 15 consecutive months

in September, the proportion of imported paper in Japan rose to 14.8%. In the first half of last year, the proportion of imported paper has been floating around 3%, which is also the seventh consecutive month that it exceeded the 10% mark. Due to the appreciation of the yen, some manufacturers in China and Northern Europe have also begun to increase their exports to Japan's paper industry

before the financial crisis last year, the production capacity of Japan's major paper companies was constantly increasing. However, after the financial crisis, the world's economic situation began to downturn, resulting in a sharp decline in the demand for paper. As of May this year, Prince Paper Co., Ltd., Japan's largest paper company, has stopped operating seven large-scale paper-making equipment. Japan Paper Group Corporation, the second largest, is expected to stop production of 15 sets of equipment from next March. As a result, the production capacity of both companies will be reduced by about 10%

in Japan's paper industry, consumers' awareness of saving and inventory adjustment in major markets have come to an end, and the number of imported paper should not increase any more. Japan's North Vietnam Jizhou paper company president Abe said. However, the government's monthly economic report in November showed that the Japanese government had admitted that the Japanese economy was in a state of slow deflation. Therefore, the downturn in consumption and a large number of imports may continue this attack

the president of Japan Prince paper company said: if the current demand for paper changes, the production capacity of major Japanese paper companies will recover after a period of time. However, some people believe that Japan's economy is in danger of a second downturn, so it should decide to reduce production capacity as soon as possible

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