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Japanese plastic machinery enterprises shifted production to low-cost regions in Asia

Tokyo (October 25, 2011) Japan's largest plastic industry exhibition opened today, and Japan's plastic machinery industry is in an unstable period. Although the output and sales continue to rise, the production of machinery is gradually shifting to regions with cost advantages

Japanese enterprises have always announced the latest designs and products at the IPF plastic exhibition. The plastic technology of this country still occupies an important place in the world, thus reaching the goal of protecting the jaw contact surface. However, the number of IPF exhibitors this year has decreased by a quarter from nearly 1000 in 2008, and there are only 750 exhibitors

"we have recovered from the global financial crisis since 2008, but we are facing other problems, such as currency exchange rate," hozumi Yoda, President of the Japan Plastics Machinery Association, told this magazine. The association hosted IPF exhibition 4.2.3 cutting. "Maybe these problems are more difficult for Japanese enterprises, because we can't see a way out."

nevertheless, the association predicts that the output of microcomputer screen hydraulic universal testing machine of injection molding machine, also known as hydraulic universal testing machine, will increase this year

Japan's injection molding machine industry manufactures about 14500 machines per year, with most of the growth coming from their factories in China. The output of Japanese funded injection molding machine plants in China is expected to double this year, from 1200 last year to 2400, Yoda said. He is also the president of rijing plastic industry company

Japanese plastic machinery enterprises are also increasing investment in other parts of Asia, in order to hedge against the rising cost of production in China, reduce investment intensity, and develop other markets. For example, D. company opened a factory in Thailand earlier this year to manufacture an economic version of a common machine, and the company opened a factory in China last year

Yoda predicts that more Japanese enterprises will follow this trend and invest in Southeast Asia or India. He said that Nissei was considering building production plants in India or near countries with modified plastic capacity expansion of about 60%

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