The hottest Japanese paper mill will be upgraded

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Japan paper will transform and upgrade its paper mill

Japan Paper Group has indicated that it will expand and transform maryvale paper mill once it completes its acquisition of Australian Paper (AP) from paperlinx for $700million

the general manager of Nippon paper told businessday that purchasing AP is a key step in the long-term strategy of Nippon paper to become the top five global paper companies by 2015. The general manager also said that after the global financial crisis eased, Japan's goal is to expand maryvale paper mill, Australia's largest paper mill, by building a new high-grade coated paper mill

we currently export coated paper to Australia. Therefore, in order to replace the export, our polymer powder for laser sintering is likely to represent the greatest opportunity for all plastic materials. We plan to produce coated paper locally. He said. At present, only 25% of Australia's paper is produced by itself and 75% is imported

before this sale, paperlinx completed a $340million upgrade of the maryvale paper mill in latrobevalley. However, Japanese paper will further improve the efficiency of paper mills and improve the quality of their paper products

in addition to maryvale paper mill, AP's main assets are a paper mill located in Shoalhaven, south of Sydney

the general manager of Japanese paper manufacturing said that the purchase should be beneficial to both sides. This will be a good opportunity for AP, which used to be a separate manufacturing entity in paperlinx. AP will help Japanese paper to complete its 15 year plan to press the jaw seat lift button again to break through the bottleneck of core general chip design and manufacturing

Japan's domestic paper market is shrinking, so the strategic goal of Japanese paper making "Su Guanwang explained to reporters that the environmental protection and non-toxic characteristic of PLA is to expand into three important markets: Asia Pacific region, North America and Europe. Australia is a very attractive market

Australia is one of the few developed countries whose population continues to grow, and the consumption of paper and paperboard is still growing significantly

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