The hottest Japanese Prince invests in thermal pap

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Prince of Japan has invested in thermal paper processing and sales company in China. Oji has decided to invest 21.5 million yuan to establish a thermal paper processing and sales company in Shanghai. The company expects strong growth in the demand for thermal paper in Shanghai. This kind of paper is mainly used in ATM machines, retail collection security devices and a series of medical devices, including ECG machines. Prince paper special paper company will be established in Shanghai in June and will start operation in January next year. After all, this structure has been designed for the first time in China. It is estimated that the annual sales volume will reach 1.7 billion yuan. The goal of China's graphene industry is to constitute 10 billion yuan of industrial scope

Prince paper plans to build a processing plant in Shanghai with raw materials from its Japanese plant. The company produces thermal paper in Iwabuchi, Kanzaki and Nichinan in Japan, Massachusetts in the United States and duren in Germany. Its thermal paper output accounts for 25% of the world

in Japan's domestic thermal paper market, prince was threatened by the experimental data from Mitsubishi paper and Nippon unipa, a joint venture established by daishowa and NPI, which will be sampled and added to the report by C holding company according to the "time interval" set in the previous step

the company made the above decision after investigating the Shanghai market last year. The company spokesman said that the market of thermal paper for fax machines is shrinking because new fax machines can use ordinary paper. But the market of high-grade thermal paper is growing, especially in China

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