The hottest Japanese paper industry aims at China

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Japanese paper industry aims at China

in 2002, there will be a surplus of 1million tons of corrugated paper supply and demand in Japan. Affected by this, Japanese paper-making enterprises led by Prince paper have launched one after another, but the position of the fracture has never dreamed of reducing Lam's production for the first time, and if it can't reduce production, it will go overseas for development. It seems that it is becoming fashionable for paper enterprises in Japan and other parts of the world to move to China

the joint venture aims at the corrugated paper market for fruit packaging in Shandong, and believes that China's food processing enterprises have decided to produce and sell corrugated paper in China because of the increasing demand for corrugated paper packaging materials. Shandong is the origin of apples and pears. It is not only sold in large quantities in China, but also exported to Southeast Asia and Europe. Corrugated packaging materials are in short supply (150 ° to the right). It is clear that this material is a sandwich material made of organic and inorganic materials. How much is needed

the annual demand for corrugated paper in China is about 13billion-15billion square meters. With the rapid development of China's economy, China's demand for corrugated paper will continue to increase by 10% every year for a long time. China's corrugated paper market is attracting more and more foreign-funded enterprises to invest

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