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Japan pratex new composite waterproof coating

Japan pratex new composite waterproof coating

April 10, 2002

using the advanced patented technology of Japan Daguan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., pratex

(paratex) waterproof material produced by Sino Japanese joint venture against specific operation steps has recently been widely introduced to the market by Beijing Dongfang Lingda waterproof Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

the main material of this product is neither asphalt nor rubber plastic blend in the current market, but a two-component waterproof coating material composed of organic emulsion

liquid (composed of vinylon, polyvinyl acetate and resin) and inorganic mixture (composed of special high alumina cement, quartz sand and various

additives). It has the advantages of high elasticity of organic materials and good durability of inorganic materials. In particular, its unique cracking and self closing function fills the void that is difficult to overcome in waterproof construction, and opens up a new field for traditional waterproof thinking and ideas. This technology is the only lightweight technology with plastic instead of steel in Japan, which has also made great progress. The technology patented by the government is used as a government designated product in many fields in Japan

its main features are: when cracks occur on the concrete cement base surface, prateis waterproof material will absorb and expand water

and produce chemical reaction, filling the cracked part to the degree of complete waterproof; It has strong adhesion to concrete, wood, paperboard, gold, glass and plastic. This property can be directly painted or pasted with

tiles in construction; After health quarantine identification, it meets the drinking water standard. At the same time, it is non-toxic, tasteless and devoid of volatile substances during construction. Therefore, it will not be poisoned and radiate to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany and other places. It is not afraid of fire; It can be constructed on the foundation surface with water content not higher than 80%

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