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Nippon power will acquire five German enterprises to layout factory automation

Nippon power will successively acquire five German enterprises engaged in industrial robot parts and machine tools before the end of 2018, with a total acquisition amount expected to reach about 50billion yen. Germany takes the lead in industry 4.0. Japanese power industry will quickly absorb the technology of German enterprises and grasp the global demand for factory automation. In addition, we also hope to improve the supply of parts and components due to the increased uncertainty caused by the Sino US trade war with the help of acquisitions

on September 3, Nippon power announced that it first acquired MS GRAESSNER, a German manufacturer of robot parts at the current stage, through its subsidiary Nidec shimpo. The purchase amount was not disclosed, but it is expected to be about 5billion yen. MS GRAESSNER's general trend of global industry development in the field of reducer, which is indispensable for driving robot joints: it has advantages to improve industrial concentration through joint reorganization

subsequently, Japan electric power plans to acquire another German enterprise in September, two in January 2019 and one in March 2019. The four enterprises manufacture the utility model respectively. Due to the adoption of hydraulic sensors, force measuring machines, machine tools and robot parts related to the machine should start from their respective angles, and so on, the Japanese power industry Xinbao will purchase them for billions to 20billion yen respectively. The parties have generally reached an agreement and initiated consultations on detailed conditions

in addition, Nippon Electric will also produce its own robot parts through the factories of the above-mentioned German enterprises, expanding its sales to European robot enterprises such as abb in Switzerland. The customers of these five German enterprises are mainly European enterprises, but they also supply to the Asian market

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