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Japanese patrol boats spent a day and a half chasing Taiwan's fishing boat

[Global Times comprehensive report] according to Taiwan's "United Daily" and "China Times" 16, on the 14th of this month, Taiwan's Kaohsiung fishing boat "RI Daying" was chased by the patrol boat of the first division of the Japan Maritime Security Agency when fishing for saury in the waters near Kushiro Road, Hokkaido, Japan. The "RI Da Ying" ran wild for nearly 1000 kilometers all the way from Hokkaido to Chiba sea area near Kanto. Only after being persuaded by Taiwan fisheries administration, did it stop the ship for inspection by Japan's Marine Protection Agency. The China Times said that because they were worried that the news would affect the public sentiment in Taiwan and Japan, officials from both Taiwan and Japan handled the matter very carefully, and the contacts were carried out in highly confidential documents, lest it lead to international events. Japan's Sankei said on the 16th that at about 4 a.m. on the 14th, the cruise plane in the first administrative area of the Japan Maritime Security Agency found a Taiwanese fishing boat fishing for saury "without a license" in the waters of Japan's exclusive economic zone 370 kilometers southeast of Kushiro City, Hokkaido. The Japanese side immediately ordered him to stop the ship, but the Taiwanese ships fled all the way south. After a day and a half of pursuit, at 11 a.m. on the 15th, on the high sea, more than 900 kilometers away from the original sea area, the Japanese patrol ship boarded the Taiwan fishing boat. According to the report, Japan believes that the ship "invaded Japan's exclusive economic zone" and plans to arrest the captain of the ship. Hokkaido said that Taiwan's fishing boats ignored Japan's stop signal, but fled southward at full speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Japan's coast guard dispatched patrol ships and aircraft to "chase" Taiwan's fishing boats together with the law enforcement ships of the fisheries agency of the Japanese government for 31 hours, and finally took control of them. According to Japanese confirmation, the Taiwan fishing boat is a 900 ton large-scale fishing boat with dozens of crew members. It is currently being escorted by the Japan Coast Guard inspection ship to Kushiro port, Hokkaido, and is expected to arrive around the 17th. Japan's coast guard decided to arrest the fishing boat after it found that fishing in Japan's exclusive economic zone without permission violated Japan's fisheries sovereignty law

the two major newspapers in Taiwan have obviously different positions when reporting the incident. On the 16th, the China Times said under the title "Kaohsiung fishing boat was seized by Japan, and Taiwan and Japan confidential processing once again thanks the majority of users for their strong support to our company". At present, Taiwan's relevant fisheries and foreign affairs units have sent personnel to negotiate. As for the negotiation progress and the relevant ship arrest situation, the shore a hardness value is obtained Cai riyao, deputy director of the Taiwan fisheries administration, obviously reserved his words, saying only that the details were still being understood, and it was inconvenient to disclose the rest. "I am deeply afraid that it will lead to international events if I am not careful." According to the article, at the peak of saury production, many Taiwanese fishing boats are operating in the sea area where the incident occurred. According to a source in Kaohsiung's fishing industry, Taiwan's fishing boats have been operating in the waters bordering Taiwan and Japan for a long time, and only a small number of fishing boats have signed fishery cooperation agreements to enter the coastal waters, but there have been few cases of fishing boats being detained by Japan

the report of "Lianhe Bao" was entitled "our fishing boat was chased by Japan and ran thousands of miles for inspection", which described in detail the process of the escape of the 58 crew led by Chen Deqing, the captain of "RI Daying". The article said that in the pursuit, the Japan Marine Protection Agency contacted the Taiwan fisheries agency through Taiwan's representative office in Japan, and the 1000 kilometer maritime pursuit ended. The report also quoted Xia Jichang, a spokesman for Taiwan's "Ministry of foreign affairs", as saying that Taiwan officials also recognized that the fishing boat was "fishing across the border"

according to the China times, it is unknown whether the arrest of Taiwan fishing boats at this time is related to Taiwan's folk "fishing protection" action, whether it is due to the different recognition of the exclusive economic zone by both sides, whether Taiwan fishing boats deliberately or accidentally entered Japan's waters. "United Daily" said that the competent foreign affairs department of the Taiwan authorities was paying close attention to the development of the incident. If the captain and crew of the "RI Daying" were brought ashore for investigation, the Taiwan authorities' office in Sapporo would provide assistance nearby

the Japanese government announced in September that it would "nationalize" the Diaoyu Islands, which caused a strong backlash on both sides of the Strait. Japanese foreign ministers and other officials from time to time said that they were willing to negotiate with Taiwan on the issue of Taiwan fishermen fishing in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, trying to divide the collective resistance against Japan on both sides of the Strait. According to Japanese daily 14, a delegation led by Yoshihiro Nakayama, mayor of Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, visited Taiwan's Ilan County on the 13th when the workpiece of the pressure testing machine was sawed off, and held talks with local fishery association officials. Japan hopes to conclude an agreement with Taiwan on fishing rights in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, so as to "maintain friendly fishery exchanges between the two sides on the premise of shelving sovereignty disputes"

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