The hottest Japanese paperboard market continues t

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The Japanese paperboard market continues to be depressed

as the demand for corrugated base paper in Japan still shows no signs of recovery and has a trend of continuous recession, the Japanese paperboard manufacturers agreed to continue to take measures to reduce production

this year, Zhang Jinxi and others also used waste foamed plastics to build the antifreeze swelling layer of the road, tested the mechanical properties and thermal insulation properties of waste foamed plastics to stabilize the subgrade soil and base material, and built the experimental road. In January, the output of Japanese paperboard was reduced by 44000 tons, with an operating rate of 71%. In February, the output was reduced by 36000 tons, with an operating rate of about 76%

after the implementation of the production reduction by the Japanese paperboard manufacturer, the inventory can be reduced by 25% from 114000 tons at the end of July last year, reaching the level of 85000 tons. It is expected to maintain this inventory level after March

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