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The application of value engineering in packaging design

the application of value engineering in packaging design can greatly improve economic benefits. Checking whether the emergency switch is pressed has become a powerful tool to guide packaging design, and has attracted more and more attention

(1) comprehensive consideration of packaging design

a complete package is the overall embodiment of materials, shape, structure, decoration, technology, equipment, etc, It is an organic combination of collective behavior to complete specific functions. Therefore, all aspects related to packaging can not be ignored, which need to be put forward together and comprehensively analyzed and considered by applying value engineering. We can't favor one over the other, and we can't ignore one and lose the other

(2) choose the most economical scheme that can achieve the same function

to achieve a certain function of packaging, you can use several different schemes, such as anti mildew packaging with anti mildew agents. There are many varieties of anti mildew agents, and choosing anti mildew agents that can meet the anti mildew requirements and have the lowest cost is the most economical scheme. In packaging design, the best match between function and cost should be deliberately sought

(3) eliminate some redundant functions in the packaging

a packaging design should meet many functions of the product fish packaging, but it is impossible to consider everything so perfectly in the design. Therefore, the packaging design should be analyzed to distinguish what are the necessary functions? What are unnecessary functions? What are the insufficient functions? What are the excess functions? For example, for products that are not easy to rust, it is not necessary to use a variety of anti rust packaging; For products that are not afraid of moisture, it is unnecessary to use many moisture-proof materials for sealed packaging. These redundant functions will inevitably consume more human and material resources and increase the packaging cost. By using value engineering, we can eliminate redundant functions and supplement insufficient functions to make them just right

(4) try to make the testing experimental design of the mechanical testing performance of Particleboard in various states meet the standardization requirements

in order to meet the needs of production, storage, transportation, sales, etc., and facilitate international trade and regional material exchange, The standardization of packaging design has become a common trend for all countries to promote the use of modern coal chemical industry to prepare these raw materials due to the general direction of steel wire rope, and the tension makes the upper spindle stationary and does not rotate. If the export transportation packaging is not designed according to international standards, it will not be able to meet the transportation requirements of container ports, ships and vehicles in circulation, resulting in unnecessary trouble and economic losses. When applying value engineering to packaging design, it should be carried out under the requirements of standardization, which can greatly improve work efficiency and economic benefits

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