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Corning protects the panel cost of the glass folding machine

Samsung Electronics pushed the folding machine to segment the market and fight a way in the fierce competition of intelligent machines. However, the high price of folding machine has become a stumbling block to sales. It is said that the protective glass developed by blending and alloy technology Corning will come out next year, which is expected to reduce the cost of folding machine panels

the elec, a Korean media, reported that Corning said on December 24 that the research and development of folding machine protective glass has entered the final stage and is expected to come out next year. At present, the glass substrates of Samsung Electronic folding machine are exclusively supplied by German Schott. Samsung display and Schott, the Panel Companies under Samsung Electronics, signed a three-year exclusive supply contract, resulting in the high cost of folding machine panels. Samsung Electronics plans to purchase glass substrates from Corning instead and build its own panel supply chain

Samsung Electronics believes that the folding machine panel provided by Samsung display is too expensive, so it decides to form its own supply chain. After Corning glass substrates are sold next year, Schott and Samsung display will face competition

in addition, the laser cutting test of ultra-thin glass by Samsung Electronics mobile Department has also been completed. Samsung Electronics believes that the laser cutting technology is superior to the wheel cutting adopted by owoo insys compared with the polyurethane insulation system of XPS board of Samsung display related enterprise D. In September this year, Korean factory JT provided Corning with an ultra-thin glass cutting equipment worth 800million won, which can be used to cut the glass substrate into protective glass

at present, the panels of Samsung folding machine Galaxy Z flip and Galaxy Z fold 2 are supplied by the related enterprise Samsung display. Samsung display uses ultra-thin glass (UTG) produced by dowoo insys, combined with German Schott's glass substrate and its own OLED panel, to assemble the finished products and ship them to Samsung. The control of loading rate is realized by software. It is the first small pure electric vehicle Samsung Electronics Based on the super lightweight technology platform of all aluminum space architecture + all composite outer panels. Because the cutting yield of Samsung display glass substrate is difficult to improve, it is difficult to reduce the price of folding panel

insiders believe that Samsung Electronics is determined to develop its own folding glass in order to improve the price competitiveness of folding machines. It is understood that Corning has begun to supply glass substrates to Samsung, and the two sides will cooperate to develop UTG, the key raw material of window cover of folding machine. Corning hopes to win a place in the global UTG market by providing Samsung with glass substrates. Corning is also developing folding UTG internally. Although the company entered the market later than schot, a large amount of supply to Samsung can make Corning's market share grow rapidly. If Samsung creates competitive folding glass technology, it will make Samsung display reduce prices

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